The contest name is MH Markets’ Power Trader Challenge

The contest is organized and run by MH Markets’

By participating in the MH Markets’ Contest, participants acknowledge that they have read,understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions.


  • - Participants must be at least 18 years old to be eligible.
  • - Only the registered & verified individuals will be eligible to participate.
  • - MH Markets’ Contest is open to both new and registered clients of MH Markets.
  • - The Company reserves the right to approve or disapprove customer participation at its sole discretion.
  • - Only one entry per participant will be allowed.

Registration Period:

  • - Registration begins on 3rd January, 2024 (+4 GMT).
  • - Registration ends on 17th January, 2024 (+4 GMT).

Contest Duration:

  • - The contest will run for one week, starting from 22nd January, 2024 (+4 GMT).
  • - The contest ends on 26th January, 2024 (+4 GMT).
  • - Trading Time: unlimited

Trading Conditions:

  • - This contest will be held in Live test account provided by MH Markets.
  • - No deposit or real funds is required to participate in this contest.
  • - Traders must trade more than 2 assets (Example: Gold, Oil, FX Pair)
  • - All the participants will be able to trade on both MT4 & MT5 platforms containing virtual funds of $10,000.
  • - Participants are allowed to trade in various financial instruments available on the trading platforms.
  • - Maximum Trading days: 5 days
  • - Maximum Total Loss: $1000 (10%)
  • - Profit Target: $1500 (15%)


  • - Winners will be determined based on their account performance during the contest period and a fair decision will be made based on the strategies used during the contest.
  • - The winners will be announced on MH Markets Middle East social media channel on 1st Feb 2024.

Contest prizes:

  • - 1st Prize - $ 5,000 & Certificate
  • - 2nd Prize - $ 3,000 & Certificate
  • - 3rd Prize - $ 1,000 & Certificate


  • - Each participant agrees to provide real data during the registration. Providing fake data may result in disqualification from the Contest.
  • - MH Markets reserves the right to disqualify participants engaging in fraudulent activities or violating the terms and conditions.

General Terms:

  • - MH Markets reserves the right to amend or cancel the contest at any time without prior notice.
  • - The decision of the company is final and binding. No queries shall be entertained on the same at any point.


For any inquiries or concerns regarding the contest, participants can contact

the MH Markets customer support team at [email protected].